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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Dorothy Reed Ackley who was born in Camden, New Jersey on 14 November 1930 and passed away on 23 October 2004 at the age of 73 in Simi Valley, California. We will remember her forever. 

Mom was born Dorothy Reed on 14 November 1930 to Nelson and Viola Reed at Camden, New Jersey.  She had a younger sister, Betty, who passed away before her. Mom attended school at the Northeast Elementary School in Camden, New Jersey from 1935 to 1941, when she had to leave due to medical problems. In spite of her lack of a higher education Mom had a love for books that would stay with her for her entire life. 

On 9 April 1949, Mom married our father, Arthur Ackley, also of Camden, New Jersey. They celebrated 55 happy years together in April of 2004. Mom and Dad raised a family of three healthy, happy children, Diane, Cynthia and Brian. Diane was born in Camden, and then the family moved to the sunny shores of Southern California, where Cynthia and Brian were born.

Throughout the years Mom had been employed in a number of different occupations, from print shops, to garment factories and then to work in the field of technology, where she became a supervisor. 

Mom made friends easily, and unlike many people in today's modern society, she retained and nurtured those friendships for many years, up until her passing.  There are many who will continue to have fond memories of her.

In October of 2003 Mom was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She battled it for nearly a year, trying chemo, radiation, anything that might help stop the spread, but to no avail. But through it all she continued to have hope and maintained faith in her God. When the rest of us were crying great tears inside she was still smiling, still optimistic. Her courage and spirit were truly awe-inspiring.  Mom did not die alone. During the last weeks of her life she was in a hospital bed at the home of son Brian and his wife Lisa, where she and Dad lived. Mom was not tucked away alone in her room. Her bed was in the living room, where she could continue to be a part of the family's every day routine, and where she could also watch the birds outside the sliding glass doors. She was attended by some wonderful nurses and caregivers who were all very compassionate and gentle. Mom sighed her last breath surrounded by loving family and friends. 

Mom, we are all going to miss you so very much. Your warm smile, caring attitude and loving heart have touched so many, leaving them with a great gift to carry within themselves forever.  May you look down upon us through the coming years and find yourself proud of the family you helped to create.

Special thanks go to all of Mom's wonderful doctors, nurses and caregivers, who helped to make her last days comfortable and peaceful. Thank you Dr. Chandra, Dr. Jancis, Susan and Sue. Also, a big thank you to Tessa.

We love you, Mom

Funeral services will be held on Thursday, 28 October, at 12:30 pm, to take place at Cornerstone Church, 2080 Winifred St., Simi Valley, California.  Mom's ashes will be interred at Oakwood Memorial Park, 22601 Lassen St., Chatsworth, California.  This is also the resting place of Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gloria Grahame, Stephen Boyd, and Montie Montana, who was a favorite of Mom's when she was a child.

An Honour Guard procession from Cornerstone Church to Oakwood Memorial will be lead by the Bikers for Christ.

Tributes and Condolences
Happy Mothers day... love you and miss you!   / Diane (Daughter)
Not a mothers day goes by without me thinking of and missing YOU mom...
Grandma  / Erika Ackley (Granddaughter)
Today has been a day to remember you grandma. Its been 5 years and never a single day goes by when I dont think of you but I know your happy. You have made such an impact on my life and somedays I dont know how I do it without you and your warm ...  Continue >>
HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN   / Janeane Bricker Brandons Mom (none)
Please except my deepest condolences for the loss of your beautiful Mom.My mom is very sick with emphesema and it's only a matter of time. Up until last year I thought this would be the worst thing that could happen until my 9yr old son died in an at...  Continue >>
A poem to share with you.   / Rachel's Mom=Marilyn
Rock Me to Sleep, Mother Backward, turn backward, O Time in thy flight Make me a child again, just for tonight Mother, come back from the echo less shore Take me again to your heart as of yore. Kiss from my forehead the furrows of care Smooth the few...  Continue >>
Happy Mother's Day - UK   / Cindy (daughter)
Mom, it's Mother's Day here in the UK, so I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I miss you so much.
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Her legacy
Husband Arthur's Eulogy  

My beloved wife Dorothy,

You will never know how much you changed my life when I met you on the no. 16 cross town bus. It turned out that we would be in that bus many more times as time went on. I knew immediately that God was following me around and was about to make sure that you would be around to watch over me for the rest of my life and continue to keep me out of trouble. 

The incident at the Linden grill convinced me that you would soon be my blushing bride and it didn’t take long either for you to decide to reshape my life.  That really concerned me that God was helping you for I knew you took on a handful, but many years later, 55 years later you and God would be the winners. So I was finally beat!  But honey I still came out the winner because I had a great life with you, the love of my life.

Now you can look down on me and watch over me and I’ll be waiting for you and God to lower the rope and pull me up with you. 

So farewell my dear, dear wife…I will be seeing you soon.

Your most loving husband who will miss you greatly.

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